22 Jul

WebsByAmy on Facebook

I have created a Facebook business page that you should click to ‘Like’ to view not only the articles that I publish here, but also in the case (such as yesterday) that there is a server failure, you can get status updates.  When the server has issues, my site will also not be working nor my mail.  Fortunately, this does not happen often, however this should help the flow of information.

All sites were back online by 9:00 pm last evening.  If you site isn’t viewing properly, please contact me ASAP, a few of them required a little more tweaking to view properly. You can reach me at my home number of 610-255-1660 and my cell # is on my voicemail if I am not home.  If you are experiencing an issue with your site, I do not mind you contacting me any day or night.

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