I stumbled upon Amy’s website design service somewhat accidentally over a year ago.  I should share with you that I am not technically inclined AT ALL – in fact regardless of how easy people say it is to set up a blog, I tried, I really did…..I spent hours trying in fact, and had pretty much given up on the whole idea of EVER blogging, when I found Amy.

Let me tell you, she is WELL worth the money that I paid to have her set up my blog and to host my blog.  I would do it over again in a heartbeat! She has worked tirelessly with me, answered a million and one questions (I think some day she dreads picking up the phone because she knows it’ll be me again with more questions, more schemes and more work for her – *lol*!)  and through it all, has become an incredibly good friend and a Stampin’ Up! mentor for me.   She answers my Stampin’ Up! questions just as readily as she does my website/blogsite questions, so she’s been a real "two for one" deal for me – *grin*!

Andrea Walford, www.AndreaWalford.com, www.DemoToDemo.com, www.SunnyStampinStore.com

Amy has taken care of creating, maintaining & hosting my online presence (websites & blogs) for over 5 years. I have found her to be ALWAYS fast and efficient with any issues and changes I need. She has recently re-vamped my customer and team website into online blogs and made the transition painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! I would happily recommend her to anyone looking for a Business Blog or Website! Keep up the excellent work Amy!

Josee Smuck, www.stampingjo.com 

Amy has been a total delight to work with. From the beginning of my business, she made creating the website easy for me by letting me choose from hundreds of templates. She set everything up for me and worked with me over the phone to talk me through the software for maintaining the site. During those first few months when I had question after question, she was patient and always willing to support me with answers.
While I don't use Amy for ongoing additions and maintenance (I take care of that myself), I'm thrilled with her hosting services. They are unbelievably affordable and, most importantly, Amy is always there to support me with any question I may have about the site, whether it pertains strictly to her hosting services or not.
I appreciate Amy's professionalism and care for my site, and her wit and sense of humor make her a delight to work with. I recommend her to all my clients and am grateful I can rely on her for this very important part of my business. Thanks, Amy!

Julie Anne Jones, www.julieannejones.com

I was referred to Amy to handle my website needs and I have been very happy. Amy has taken what I have given her and created a beautiful, user friendly sight. I've e-mailed her with questions and she always returns the e-mails promptly. I will be going into my third season w/ Amy updating my sight and have been very pleased. When she say's it will be done … it is. Thanks Amy !

Kathy Turner, K&K Creations, www.purelysoaps.us

I could NOT have started a blog without Amy. Trying to get it started by myself, even with some top notch instruction, was truly an exercise in frustration. As soon as I heard about Amy, I e-mailed her to ask for help. Nothing impersonal here!!! We talked on the phone so she started to have a sense about my personality, and then she led me through the process BY THE
HAND to decide what I wanted my blog to look like. And every time I've had a question, she's been right there to help. Why stress over computers when I have stamping to do!!!

Robin Messenheimer, www.RobinsCraftRoom.com 

Amy made it so easy to set up a blog! I would definitely recommend her wonderful services!! I couldn't have done it without her! 

Marlayne Hardy, www.sparkledaisy.com

Amy's work is top notch!!! She's right on top of things, making sure you and your customers stay ahead of the game. Ideas, resources, business tips….you name it…she can provide it for you. She's always willing to answer questions and provide support.
Amy has helped me build a blog for my Stampin' Up! business which has not only allowed me to reach out to my customers, but has also given me an outlet for sharing my work. Thanks Amy, for all you do to keep me blogging with the best of them!!!

Valerie White, www.stampnscrapwithval.com

As a newbie to the behind the scenes terms and technology for setting up a business blog, I quickly realized I had a tremendous learning curve to get my site to function they way I had visioned. Amy made my vision into a reality. Not only is she extremely knowledgible, but Amy makes herself accessible for help. Her on-line tutorials and resources were also extremely helpful. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Amy's services. I am extremely pleased with the results!
Alison Monk, www.gotpurses.com

I have received so many comments from my downline on how fabulous my Doozie website is! I have a site for general access and a password-protected site for my downline training. This allows me to pass on info and ideas, as well as training resources and downline recognition for all of my Doozies all over the country. It's like having a huge downline meeting online! My site is beautiful, everyone thinks it looks very professional and my webmaster is da bomb! Thanks Amy!

Susy Miller, www.susymiller.com

I decided to have WebsByAmy set up and host my blog because I was so impressed with her web-site and blog and with the resources she provides at your fingertips. I met Amy at a seminar in Fall of 2007 and it was there that we began discussing her hosting services. I had no prior experience doing this, and Amy gave me some ideas for starting out and has kept in touch with updates, etc. since then. My husband is self-employed and we are about to host a blog for him through WebsByAmy as well, to help market his illustrating business.

Wanda Johnson, www.stampinwithme.com  

I can't believe that I waited SO long to start blogging!! Amy has made it so easy with all of the tutorials!! If I can do this, anyone can!! Thanks so much Amy, you rock!!!!

Carol Ebersole, www.carolscreativecafe.com

Amy has done a fabulous job building my website and blog. I loved the fact it was up and running super fast. The resources she has available for you gives you the ability to learn how to use your site with much ease. The video tutorials for adding widgets and fun stuff to your site are extremely helpful. I am not super savvy when it comes to computers and she makes the entire process seamless. I love it!

Kimberly Van Diepen, www.stampingbythesea.com 

I love my new web blog with WordPress hosted by websbyamy.com! Amy Celona is professional and knowledgeable! I switched my domain over from web.com to websbyamy.com and I not only got my own customized blog site, with great tips, wordpress information and other resources from Amy, but I got great customer support as well. I find working with
Amy easy and fun, and I get a lot of extras for my site as a Stampin' Up! demonstrator that I didn't previously get from the other web hosting company. I feel stongly that I'm getting more for my business dollar with websbyamy.com and I have more options as well as I grow my business.

Cheryl Powers, www.papercharms.com

Amy is organized, knowledgeable, efficient, and flexible. I confidently refer people to use her for web design and hosting because she has a low sleep requirement and gets things done as soon as anyone clicks "send". She has common sense (except in her choice of friends) and an eye for design. In my experience, Amy has always under-promised and over-delivered in her web services.
Deirdre Wilkens, www.reluctantfarmchik.com 



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