Tutorials for the Techno-Challenged Turn up your computer’s volume for these tutorials (sorry)


  • Download Firefox as your browser when editing your WordPress blog. This is a free browser that you can use alternately instead of Internet Explorer and is better with WordPress (for some reason).  If you experience ‘missing’ menus or blank screens sometimes, please download Firefox and try again.

WORDPRESS TUTORIALS FOR MY CUSTOMERS: (customized WordPress installation)

General flash tutorials on WordPress (suitable for WordPress.com or no plugins installed).


How-To & Optimization of Your blog

  • PDF – 7 Steps To Optimizing WordPress*
  • PDF – WP Tutorial E-Book (this explains how to install and configure your own blog, you already have it installed, however you may wish to change some of the configuring). *
  • LINK – De-Mystifying FTP – “How to get it up there…”  I prefer SmartFTP but this shows how to use “FireFTP” which comes built into Firefox. Note: uploading too many plug-ins can cause them to conflict and mess up your blog.

Photo Editing You should *never* upload a photo directly from your camera (or desktop) without scaling it down.  By ignoring this, you will cause your site to run slower and photos showing up to delay the loading of your site… people will move on.

  • FREE PHOTO EDITING SOFTWARE:   GIMP.org free photo editing software is an awesome and powerful application that I am amazed is free and available for many platforms.

Click here for a Flash tutorial on creating a watermark with Gimp! Click Here for a Flash Tutorial on Resizing a Photo and Dropping in a Watermark in Gimp