Home Business Tax Savings Site

Click to view the site liveWell, not in the order in which I have been working lately, but last week I became the new home to HomeBusinessTaxSavings.com

With tax season upon us, I thought that it was more timely to share this as a prime example of WordPress as a 'website' as well as a valuable resource for those of you who are self employed.

I customized the Studiopress Premium WordPress 'Lifestyle' theme with Ron's existing banner and color scheme and plugged in a dynamic content area with rotating 'special offers.'

Ron's assistant Lisa gave me his 'Home Business Tax Savings Made Easy' book which actually was quite good (and of course a necessary tool for me  <grin>).  His site has an excellent Resource center of free information as well as some products to help you manage your taxes and related matters.

Ron explains the US tax laws in plain English for home-based business owners. His material isn't about loopholes or hiding income, it is strictly about understanding how to keep your income in accordance with the way the government planned (and then proceeded to confuse us) in government-speak so we can't actually use this information without an accountant.

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