04 Jan

Password protected widgets – Please read

My apologies for the confusion on Tuesday. I pre-posted widgets for SU Demos and password protected them and then realized that no one had the password… I (wrongly) figured that those of you who subscribed to my blog would have access to the email version. Sorry! In other news, when you protect a post, the email is also protected, LOL.

For the future… any ‘password protected’ blog post for SU Demos (widgets, etc.) will always have the password:  sudemo

I will be posting this information today only and once it goes out via email to my subscribers. You can use the “Subscribe” widget on my blog sidebar (near the top) and put in your email to get an email about when I post articles or widgets.

Not sure how else to get the information out there, but I wish to adhere to SU’s policy regarding not publicly posting links to new catalogs until the day sales begin for it. So to that end, just know what the password will be in the future.

Amy Celona, Webs By Amy, LLC

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January 4, 2017 Reply

Thank you for suppling the widgets, I would be lost without them!

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