What the new Facebook ‘Graph Search’ means to your privacy

Small things you share–even as a joke–in your profile, might classify you in a search that you don't want to be in. Ah Facebook, we love it, we hate it–but it is here to stay!

Here is an article that I believe was meant to be funny/scary and it worked to actually (in this order: made me laugh… then made me concerned):

You may be confused or choose to ignore this new 'Graph Search' feature, and that's fine. But take a minute to check your privacy settings again–and do a good looking over at your 'likes' and your profile* information about your religion, political views… especially (if like me) you tend towards the humorous approach (in languages I used to have 'Fluent Gibberish,' why? because I could…).

"Privacy?! But I set them already…" well they aren't a 'set once' and let go, you need to keep checking them because with many 'roll outs' of new features, your privacy settings can be changed without you knowing it. And who really are your Facebook friends? If you don't know them well, OR your Privacy settings are share with 'friends of friends' that means that you no longer are only sharing between friends (READ: you've locked the front door and your back door is wide open). And remember, the 'friends of your friends' include their slacker siblings or creepy uncle (I know mine do!).

The article above on the Facebook 'Graph Search' above is something done by a Tumblr user, but I first saw on Mashable is what brought this to my attention today. My favorite line is something my grandmother used to tell me (because I was a mouthy teenager, LOL):
"If you wouldn't want it published in Newsday, don't put it out there…" 

So, here is what got me going this morning:

I have helped clients who want a Facebook 'business page' make their personal profile completely private (no personal information, no friends and 'unsearchable') so that they can just use Facebook pages (which requires way less in the way of creepy interaction).

Okay, I've wrecked your coffee–sorry! Well, to show that  I'm not just rabble rousing today, I can offer up an article from one of my favorite sites that published information on privacy just this month –read the article here on Lifehacker.com.

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