Embed a YouTube Video in Your WordPress blog

CLICK TO WATCH embedding a YouTube video on your site!One of the awesome things about WordPress is the ability to drop code in to a post or page without needing any special ‘plugins’.  Just remember to drop it in in HTML or CODE view (depending upon your WordPress version).

And I realized after I made the video that I spelled YouTube wrong (I typed it as two words, LOL!).  So, trust me on the method (if not my spelling)!

I will be featuring more videos in the coming week(s) on most asked questions… so send me your questions!


  1. Hi Amy,

    Very good tutorial, and one in which I’ll be putting to use shortly.

    I see that you have the smilie face capability in your bar area. How do we add that to our blog?

    I know I have more questions, but for now, this will do.



  2. The visual editor that I am using is TinyMCE and it has built-in smileys (just press a button to add).

    This is an easy plugin to add.

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