29 Mar

Creating & Using a Watermark in Photoshop CC

Look for more videos! And I’d love your feedback on what you’d like to see next.

Something I’m always asked about is properly resizing and watermarking your photos for the web. I created a video in 2011 using Paint.net which I PROMISE to update because I still get so many emails about it and it is a wonderful and powerful free program.

So, I’ve broken it down into two videos, but I’d like to mention something about size that I chose.

In the first video, I created the watermark starting at 800 px by 800 px (72 ppi) for the use on images that were resized for faster viewing on the web. But if you need to create a watermark for your high resolution photos, you would want to start much larger (such as start with 2000 px by 2000 px at 72 dpi) so that you can use it on high resolution photos–and it makes a better ‘brush’ if you choose to go that way.

I do mention at the beginning when creating it, that it was at 72 ppi and you could make it 300 ppi but didn’t say why… that was to make it a high resolution



Hope you enjoyed this!

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