Backing Up Your Site via cPanel

If you are reading this post via email, click here to see the video online. This short video shows how to use your cPanel (that is the hosting control panel) to backup your WordPress installation and database, etc. That is what the 'warning' before you do an autoupgrade is referring to, but my nightly backups […]

Replacing FCKeditor – Video

If you are reading this via email, click here to watch it online. In many of my installations, I have used FCKeditor. So lately, many of you are receiving 'warnings' about FCKeditor being disabled after WordPress upgrade due to it not being supported. The fix is simple, but more simply 'shown' than said, so I […]

Verifying Your Site in Pinterest

I've had this question a lot, so I thought I'd do a quick video:

Create a Watermark in

I have created a short (okay, 15 minutes… so not that short) step-by-step video on how to make your own watermark in and then place it on a photo.  If you are receiving this post via email feed, the video won't show up, you must go back to the article (click on article title). […] Tutorial

I have embraced as my new 'free photo editor' of choice over Gimp. The videos below are for the purpose of giving you a free alternative for editing your photos for the fastest viewing quality for the web as well as shows you how to watermark your work. I have found Paint easier to […]

Customizing Your Own Theme

To make it easier for completely 'Do It Yourself' persons to have a privately hosted WordPress blog  and customize the theme themselves, I've made a series of videos. I show how to use WordPress' default 2010 theme and  I have created a 'child' theme (explained in the third video) that you can download HERE.  As […]