Adding a ‘Poll’ or Survey to WordPress

I've had several questions lately about adding Polls and/or Surveys to your WordPress blog in order to do a 'contest'.  And in a timely turn, today I came across an excellent article with suggestions on how to do this using plugins or add ons that take very little tweaking on your part: Remember as […]

Making Your Own Sidebar Widget

Many of you are very confused when it comes to your sidebar widget. Some widgets are ‘pre-made’ such as ‘Categories’ or ‘Archives’ and you can just drag them, but what if you want your own sidebar widget with a photo and text and links, etc.? I have created a video that shows how you can […]

Video – NextGen Gallery

I am very excited about making this video and I think that a LOT of you have wanted the ability to create galleries of your work on pages or in posts. This video shows how to import and use the NextGen Gallery plugin for your WordPress site and use it immediately.  This plugin is capable […]

Embed a YouTube Video in Your WordPress blog

One of the awesome things about WordPress is the ability to drop code in to a post or page without needing any special ‘plugins’.  Just remember to drop it in in HTML or CODE view (depending upon your WordPress version). And I realized after I made the video that I spelled YouTube wrong (I typed […]

Archiving Constant Contact Newsletters on the Web

You can make a save a copy of your Constant Contact newsletter to the web (without paying Constant Contact!).  If you are hosting with me, you have web space that you can upload a copy to and this tutorial below will show you how to create a newsletter ‘page’ and link to it from an […]

Adding a Photo To Your WordPress Sidebar

This is entirely overdue, but I have finally created a tutorial about how you would get a photo and/or a link (or a linked photo) into your WordPress sidebar using a ‘text’ widget. You can view this tutorial here as made from screenshots of actually uploading a photo and using html image tags to make […]