The ‘Heartbleed’ issue and WebsByAmy hosting

You’ve heard the warnings (and are likely confused) so, I’ll weigh in on this. If you host with me, my server is not affected by the CENT OS version that has the bug, so your site isn’t affected. In case you are still confused, the Heartbleed bug (or server vulnerability) has unfortunately been around for […]

Amazing Studiopress offer!

Are you someone who would like to change your theme every year if you could? Or want to get down and dirty learning WordPress on your own with some guidance? This week (until Friday), Studiopress is having a big sale on their ‘All-Theme Package.’ For only $299.00 one time, you have access to all of […]

Upgrade to WordPress 3.5.2

WordPress has released version 3.5.2 (the second release of V 3.5) which fixes 12 bugs. This is a security release for all previous versions and I strongly encourage you to update your site(s) immediately. The WordPress security team resolved seven security issues, and this release, also contains some additional security hardening. CLICK HERE to read […]

Redesign for myself!

I figured it was about time for the doctor to go to the 'doctor' and get a new look! And I'm not stuck on this design, it was just a quickie thing. But don't get excited yet, it doesn't mean that I have time to take on new business. It just means that I got […]

WordPress under attack…

Sounds ominous, doesn’t it? I am seeing articles that are saying that these new attacks exploit WordPress installations–anywhere. But there are a few things you can do–because the exploits being taken advantage are include your basic username and password combination. What can you do: CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD. If WebsByAmy (me) set up your username/password for […]

Is your content being stolen?

Last year, I had a client contact me regarding her articles showing up on someone else's site. She was confused as to whether her security was breached somehow with her site, etc. and was very frantic to fix it. Congratulations, you've been robbed… and strangely, it wasn't a competitor, it was someone who had a […]