30 Jan

Auto-installing WordPress with Softaculous

I’m excited to say that my hosting now includes Softaculous Auto-Installer featuring 347 scripts and more added all the time!

I’ve recently been asked about the ability to install a subdirectory (for a team website) to their existing WordPress installation, so I’ve made a quick video on how to. I’ve since then figured out how to say ‘Softaculous’–it is a cross between ‘software’ and ‘spectaculous’ (who knew?).

Of course the video only covers the installation. Once installed, I recommend Wishlist Member to manage protecting the site so that only members can access it.

Also, if you want too look at some exceptional premium WordPress themes, check out the Creative Market.

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Comments (2)

July 16, 2015 Reply

Hi Amy,
Thank you so much for your very easy to understand video about using Softaculous to install WordPress on websites. I am having great difficulty linking my existing WordPress site to my domain name.
I get frustrated when I go through the install but then there's no next step to tell you how to link the existing WordPress site/account. I didn't want a new WordPress!
Are you able to help me?
Thank you!!

    Amy Celona
    July 16, 2015 Reply

    If you already have a Wordpress site, you wouldn't use Softaculous, because it creates a whole new site. And as far as a domain name, you are better installing Wordpress (with Softaculous) on your domain of choice (you need the domain name and hosting) and then importing the contents of your existing site to the new one.

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