16 Aug 2011

Paint.net Tutorial

I have embraced Paint.net as my new 'free photo editor' of choice over Gimp. The videos below are for the purpose of giving you a free alternative for editing your photos for the fastest viewing quality for the web as well as shows you how to watermark your work.

I have found Paint easier to install and use immediately.  And recently I have found that there are plugins that will add functionality, such as one that allows editing of Photoshop .psd files and another one that allows Paint.net to use Photoshop brushes.

DOWNLOADING & INSTALLING PAINT.NET – you would think that this wouldn't be difficult, but I have found that the page that you usually are directed to when typing in www.getpaint.net, is full of other software that you can be easily tricked into downloading accidentally.  UPDATE:  CLICK HERE to download the .exe file, once you download it, you probably can update it.  If you want to download the latest version, this video will navigate you through downloading the zip file, unzipping and installing.

EDITING & WATERMARKING A PHOTO from your camera for viewing on the web.  This video does import and place a watermark that is a pre-existing .png file.  If you wish to see how to create your own watermark, CLICK HERE for a video tutorial.

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22 Jul 2011

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